Shoo Pom is simple and fun, while combining comfort and lightness. Stylistically, fantasy is required. Shoo Pom is intended to appeal to smaller and bigger.

Collections made with the soul of a child, and a lot of experience! A passion that is passed from generation to generation.

The Shoo Pom universe is playful and bubbly. A dose of good humor, joy, in a rainbow colored sky. With great simplicity.

Shoo Pom is inspired by the world of childhood, a light and festive atmosphere with a sweet taste . An apple smiling and that we want to eat .

The Shoo Pom collection is made from premium leather and quality fabrics . The materials are selected for their flexibility and strength. We are focused on colors, originality and innovation.

Shoo Pom first-steps shoes and walking shoes, thanks to their technical characteristics, accompany children's growth and facilitate their good development.

"Hand in hand with podiatrists"

We have an exclusive partnership with French podiatrists, members of the French Union for Foot Health, for the development of our “first steps” range.

Our models, recommended by professionals, have all the necessary technical characteristics for the healthy development of a child’s foot.

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