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Hand in Hand with Podiatrists

We have an exclusive partnership with French podiatrists, members of the French Union for Foot Health, for the development of our “first steps” range.

Our models, recommended by professionals, have all the necessary technical characteristics for the healthy development of a child’s foot.

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What makes a good children’s shoe ?

Our certified shoes have been inspected by a committee of members of the UFSP, following a precise list of over 20 specific technical characteristics. Materials and linings, upper height, heel counters, reinforced toes, soles and construction techniques are all elements to take into consideration: a quality shoe is the combined result of knowledge and expertise.

“First steps” shoes must be made from light, quality materials with a flexible sole to allow the natural rolling of the foot. They have a high upper with laces, for optimal support of the ankle and instep. The presence of an asymmetrical heel counter prevents any lateral twisting of the shoe.

Contrary to popular belief, first walking shoes do not need to offer arch support. That can prevent the natural development of the muscles supporting the foot arch. Progressively, the muscles and tendons will grow stronger, providing an initial level of stability at around age 4.

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